About - Going for Gold

The Goldflair ball is the conclusion of the project “Going for Gold” conceived by the Edinburgh based Jeweller, silversmith and Precious Metals Workshop owner Ian Nicholson.

Going for Gold is a three phase humanitarian based project that has kept Ian busy for the past year generating awareness about the issues around artisanal gold mining, encouraging a positive change in how precious metals are sourced and giving back to the artisanal mining communities.

Around 20% of the annually mined gold is small scale artisanal and accounts for 90% of the global gold mining workforce. This is over 20 million men, women and children from over 50 developing countries that are stuck in a negative cycle of extreme poverty, that we benefit from.

You might not be aware but you are part of the problem as there is gold in so many things that you own and use. For example, your smartphone has about £1 of gold in its electrical components, which accounts for around 20p worth of artisanal gold. The generic gold supply chain does not keep its sources separate so traceability gets lost at the smelting process and all gold then becomes tainted with the sweat of exploitation.

There are however people who are already making a change. Fairtrade and Fairmined have managed to keep a clean supply chain so we know that their artisanal gold is exploitation free. There is now the Fairphone company that have started using Fairtrade gold in its components and Credit Suisse that have Fairmined gold bullion bars for trading. These are examples of what can be done with a responsible mind and ethical direction, we can all make change for the better of humanity.

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The Goldflair ball is the fundraising conclusion to Going for Gold where all monies raised will go back to the Fairmined and Fairtrade artisanal mining communities that Ian is visiting.